Fintech Apps That Help With Donations — FTT+ Sneak Peak: Regulation & US Fintech

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We have some DOPE interview’s lined up over the next few weeks for ya.

  • Julie VerHage interviewed Square’s Jackie Reses, who leads Square Capital. The full interview drops on Tuesday, June 9th, for FTT+ members only.

  • Ian’s interview with SoFi CEO Anthony Noto, also only for FTT+ members. Drops on June 16th.

Fintech Apps & Charitable Giving, By Cokie Hasiotis

Donations obviously have become more important than ever. I’ve noticed people sending donations via Venmo, Cash App, Facebook, etc. People using traditional banks have been posting things like “if I were a bank, I would make donating easier.”  So I took it upon myself to put together a list of companies either focused on donation finance or have it built into their existing offering. You know, the ones that make donating easier.

Here’s a list of 15 in the US. If I missed you or you would like to talk more about your offering, please get in touch with me ( 

  1. Momentum - Automatic donations to a curated selection of charities that have been pre-vetted. Transparency in where your money is going and what it’s doing to help others.

  2. Current - Offers automatic transfers to 501(c)3’s 

  3. Fundly - Integrated platform for social impact

  4. Trust & Will - estate planning for normal people, you can leave a gift to a charitable organization 

  5. The Giving Block - Donations via crypto currency

  6. GoodWorld - instant donations

  7. Classy - online fundraisers for modern non-profits 

  8. donorbox - embedded checkout for donations 

  9. FundraiseUp - Built to stop losing donors at checkout 

  10. ALMA - Allows donates to any of America’s 1.6M charities through automatic transfers to 501(c)3’s and keeps records for your taxes 

  11. Millie - One time or recurring donations 

  12. Bright Funds - Workplace giving and volunteerism platform 

  13. Pinkaloo - Works with banks and employers to make donating more impactful 

  14. in/Pact - Connects customers of financial institutions and loyalty programs to support charities 

  15. Live.Give.Save - Microfinancing for savings and charitable donations 

FTT+ Sneak Peak: Regulation & US Fintech

Last week, we were super lucky to get a great group of folks to chat about regulation and the US fintech ecosystem. This content was originally for FTT+ members only, but considering how much everyone loved the interviews, we decided to make it free for everyone. We plan on holding more thematic virtual events on a monthly basis, and we’ve been holding a bunch of dope Q&A’s with industry leaders.

Tweets of the week 

Funding of the Week

Varo Money raised $241 million in a Series D funding round, co-led by Gallatin Point Capital and The Rise Fund. Varo has been the only fintech startup that’s received FDIC approval for a bank charter, an arduous and costly process. So far, the company has raised north of $400 million, and has 2 million users accounts, according to TechCrunch. The company reported strong growth in 2020: “Since the beginning of 2020, account growth is up 60%, spend is up roughly 1.5x over the same period and deposits are up by roughly 3.5x”