FTT Update: Your Fintech Final 4 Are...

Hi all, Julie here. 

Currently in Nashville. Tux loved listening to live music last night. Though now over the course of our trip, he has contracted pink eye, so Jordan is spending $130 at the vet right now (6amCT) to get that fixed. At least he won $50 in Twitter stock in Miley's Cash App giveaway. Guess it's really an $80. 

Anyways, it's Good Friday so not much in the way of news today, but we needed to give you guys a chance to vote on the Final 4! We'll announce the Final 2 on Monday and the ultimate winner on Wednesday. I actually needed to have Ian pay for the next level of Typeform since so many of you were voting lol. I love it. Click this link to vote in the bracket below to vote! 

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