Introducing FTT Jobs—Our Newest Newsletter

Hi everyone, Ian here.

We have a really exciting announcement today: we’re launching our newest newsletter product, FTT Jobs, in a partnership with Tom Guthrie and OneJob.

With fintech blowing up and becoming more mainstream, I’ve been getting more and more requests and DM’s to talk about how people get break into the industry. I reached out to Tom to brainstorm some ideas on how we can better serve that audience, and landed on FTT Jobs.

Below’s a note from Tom:

With onejob, my goal has always been to help future builders find the best jobs at under-the-radar startups and give them back-door ways to apply. when Ian reached out, we figured out pretty quickly that combining our respective areas of expertise to create a product specifically about the fintech industry made a ton of sense.

So here’s the deal: Fintech Today Jobs will go out every Wednesday. Each issue will include an interview with a prominent figure in the fintech industry, an under-the-radar job at a fintech company that we’re excited about, career tips, and links to some interesting articles to help you get smarter about the space. 

A subscription to FTT Jobs will cost $5 per month, which also gets you access to our exclusive job board. If you sign up by April 29th, your first month is free.

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FTT+ Subscribers will be getting FTT Jobs for free. If you haven’t signed up yet, now’s a perfect time to do so: we’ll be raising rates soon, but if you sign up today, you pay $25/month for the first year.

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Our first issue goes out tomorrow, Wednesday April 22nd. Tom and I are really excited about this launch and are eager to help connect interesting fintech companies and smart talent looking to make an impact in the world of fintech.