Special Announcement: Say Hi to Julie Verhage!

Hope everyone’s doing well amidst all the uncertainty going on. It might seem like an unusual time to make an announcement, but we’re all super excited: I wanted to introduce y’all to the newest member of Fintech Today, Julie Verhage! Julie’s going to be running FTT+, a weekly premium newsletter under Fintech Today.

FTT+ is now $50/month, but as a special promotion, if you sign up now, you’ll get locked in at $25/month for the first year.

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Julie comes from Bloomberg, where she spearheaded fintech coverage (you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram). I’ve admired her work for years and I’m both equally thrilled and honored she’s bringing her talents to Fintech Today. One of my favorite stories that, in my opinion, exemplifies Julie’s deep knowledge of the fintech space and her talent as a reporter was her piece on Robinhood’s cash management program when it first launched. She has a dozen others too

Julie’s main task is going to be running the FTT+ newsletter, now a weekly installment that’ll be written and edited by Julie. I might chime in with a column every now and then, but I’m going to focus on the free FTT weekly edition and research reports for FTT+ members. (If you purchased FTT+ before, you’re grandfathered into the $15/month price, don’t worry!)

Sign Up For FTT+

In addition to FTT+, we’re going to be launching our community forum product this week too: We’re really excited to provide FTT+ subscribers a platform to share their ideas, chat with one another either in DM’s or a public group chat, and generally share ideas, information, and have fun doing it. FTT WaterCooler will be live by the end of the week...for more details, check Julie’s first issue of FTT+, which will be out on Wednesday.

That’s all! Stay safe, and see you tomorrow for the next issue of Fintech Today 🙂